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The name Ranchi originates from the name that was previously used for the Oraon village on the same spot “Archi” is derived directly from Oraon word meaning bamboo stave or grove.

According to legends, following a dispute with a spirit, the farmer struck the spirit by using the bamboo stave. The spirit yelled archi, Archi, archi, and then disappeared. Archi changed into Rachi which later became Ranchi. So, let’s check some of the Best Places To Visit In Ranchi.

Another etymological proof suggests Ranchi may be derived from the word ‘rici’ (Mundari for Milvus migrans Black Kite) The modern-day iconic landmark of Ranchi city is the Pahari Mandir, which is also called Rici Buru – the hill of kites. Ranchi is a stunning and large city. It almost covers 652 square kilometers. It also has a number of beautiful and historic spots to explore.

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The Best Timing to Visit Ranchi

The ideal time for visiting Ranchi is during the winter months. The temperatures remain comfortable and are suitable for sightseeing as well as other activities. The most popular months to go visit Ranchi are September to May.

The winter season from the months of November and February is the winter time in Ranchi with the temperature ranging between 1degC to 30degC. The temperature dips to just 1 degree Celsius in January, with dense fog. Monsoon Season typically arrives at Ranchi during July and continues until September. The region is prone to moderate rainfall throughout the season.

How to Reach Ranchi

Air: Ranchi Airport, situated at Hinoo approximately seven kilometers from the city’s center. Patna, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai are linked to Ranchi via regular flights. Kolkata is the closest international airport and is well-connected to other cities across India as well as abroad.

Trains: Most convenient station is Hatia. Ranchi railway station is connected to the major cities of India. Let’s Discuss more Places To Visit In Ranchi.

Road: Ranchi has good connections to a number of cities across Jharkhand and Bihar through state road transport bus services operated by the corporation. Bokaro (110 kilometers), Chaibasa (130 km), Dhanbad (170 km), Patna (340 km), and Jamshedpur (140 kilometers) each are linked to Ranchi. Tourist bus tours on private buses are offered to start from Kolkata to Ranchi.

Best Places to Visit in Ranchi

1. Panch Gagh Falls

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Panch Gagh Falls

The waterfall rushing down from a tiny height, and rushing through the rough rocks, Panch Gagh Falls is a well-known waterfall located in Ranchi.

It is a single waterfall that flows down from a low elevation in five levels. It gets its name in this manner. Despite the raging stream of the other massive waterfalls, it is easy to feel the tranquil sound of Panch Gagh Falls.

Panch (means Five) Ghagh Falls is a beautiful tourist attraction with five waterfalls that cascade over the steep and tall hills that surround the picturesque Khunti village.

The area at the base of the waterfalls is a tranquil atmosphere. It is the perfect spot for picnics or weekends away.

  • Opening hours: Open all days of the week.
  • Distance from Ranchi Junction:50 km
  • Entry cost: NA
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2. Ranchi Lake

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Ranchi Lake (1)

The lake is situated at the foot of the stunning Ranchi Hill, Ranchi Lake is an important tourist destination in Ranchi. The lake is an old reservoir that was built during the time of the colonial period in India.

Col. Onsely was the designer of the lake and built it in 1842. At first, the lake was used to fulfill the water requirements of adjacent regions.

As time passed and the area was developed into a place for tourists in Ranchi. Today, it is extensively visited by both tourists and locals.

It is conveniently located and also has boating facilities. The area is well-maintained by the authorities, it is the perfect place for a relaxing evening, and is perfect for picnics.

Ranchi hill is a well-known tourist attraction, and it includes a Shiv Mandir that is located at the top you can enjoy an amazing city from the top. Read and know more about Places To Visit In Ranchi.

  • Opening hours: Open all days of the week.
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:4 km
  • Entry cost: NA

3. Sun Temple

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Sun Temple (1)

In honor of the Sun God, The Sun Temple in Ranchi is one of the most important tourist destinations and pilgrimage sites in Jharkhand.

This is a location that is visited by many tourists from all regions of India. This temple was built and opened by an organization that was charitable in the year 1991. The temple is visited by hundreds of people every day of the year.

“The Sun Temple of Ranchi” is a sacred attraction in Ranchi situated along the Tata Road near Bundu Village located on the National Highway-33, about 40kms south of Ranchi.

It is also considered to be one of the major attractions of the city of Jharkhand. The Sun God is the God of the temple, who is seated on a lotus blossom with four hands.

  • Timing: From 5:00 AM until 12:00 Noon and 4:00 pm until 8:00 PM
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction: 13 km
  • Entry cost: NA

4. Jagannath Temple

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Jagannath Temple (1)

Jagannath Temple of Ranchi is frequented by both locals and tourists as well. It is believed that the Jagannath temple was built in 1691 by the King of Barkagarh, Jagannathpur Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo.

It is located 10 kilometers from the main town. The style of architecture of this temple is similar to that of a fort and is an exact replica of the Puri Jagannath temple.

It is well-known because of the Ratha Yatra held every year which is based on the concept from the first Puri temple.

  • Opening hours: Open all days of the week, from between 05:00 am and 12 noon, and 03:00 pm until 06:00 pm.
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:10 km
  • Entry cost: NA

5. Pahari Mandir

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Pahari Mandir (1)

Pahari Mandir is a temple that is located on the hilltop of Ranchi, the capital city in Jharkhand. It is dedicated to the god Shiva.

This temple is situated at 2140 feet above sea level, and at 350 feet above the level of the ground. To reach the temple, one must climb 468 steps.

All of Ranchi city is observed at the top of the Temple. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the linga form at the temple on the hill.

There is a great group of Shiva devotees in the months of Shivaratri and Sawan. The history of the hill temple in Ranchi which is one of the cities of Jharkhand is fascinating.

The Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located on the mountain was the hands of the British prior to the nation’s independence and was the place where they hung the flags of the Freedom Fighters here.

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Since Independence, the flag of the country is also hoisted on Independence Day and Republic Day along with the religious flags that are displayed on the temple. It is the first temple in the nation in which the tricolor is raised.

  • Opening Hours: 4:30 am–9 pm
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction: 6 Km
  • Entry Cost: NA

6. Rock Garden

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Rock Garden (5)

Rock Garden in Ranchi is thought to be among the most visited spots in the city and the entire state. The well-known Rock Garden in Ranchi is situated about 4 kilometers from Albert Akka Chowk.

This Ranchi Rock Garden stands second in terms of importance and popularity after the garden in Jaipur. It is the Rock Garden in Ranchi was built from the rock of Gonda Hill.

The jhula is made of an iron rod that has two edges in the rock garden located in the capital of the state of Jharkhand.

The variety of designs of the sculptures and waterfalls enhance the beauty of this area. The Kanke Dam Lake is located close to the Rock Garden of Ranchi.

The area is frequented by a lot of people who are drawn to this garden because of the endless landscape and the soft natural touch, that can be seen in this.

It is a popular place for picnics. Rock Garden is also used for picnics which is where large groups of people are able to spend the time they want together.

Because of its position within the city of Ranchi is a popular destination for tourists. Rock Garden can also pay for an excursion to other tourist attractions in the area.

  • Open during timings: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM.
  • Distance from Ranchi Junction– 9 Km
  • Entry Cost: INR 20 per person

7. Patratu Valley

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Patratu Valley (1)

Jharkhand is an enchanting state that is home to a variety of tourist destinations. However, many of them are unexplored all through the entire year.

This is why Jharkhand remains among the least explored states across the country. However, did you know that there are numerous locations in this state that could make you want to leave right now?

One place that will surprise you is the stunning town in the valley of Patratu. If you enjoy exploring unexplored trails, make sure you add this beautiful spot to that bucket list.

  • Open Timings: 24 Hours
  • Distance From Ranchi Junction: 31 Km
  • Entry Cost: NA

8. Dassam Fall

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Dassam Fall (1)

Dassam Falls has situated 34 kilometers from the city of Ranchi on the Ranchi-Tata highway close to Tamara village. The area is also referred to by the name of Dassam Garh.

The main source of water for the falls is River Kachni which flows from an elevation of 144ft. The distinctive feature of this waterfall is that, when the waterfall is visible, 10 water streams can be visible falling.

  • Opening hours: Open all days of the week.
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:34 km
  • Entry cost: NA

9. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama

Sri Ramakrishna is also known as the spirit of harmony across all religions. He was the inspiration responsible for the twin organizations which are the Ramakrishna Mission as well as the Ramakrishna Math.

The ashram is now spread throughout the world and is recognized under the Act of Society Registration XXI, passed in 1859.

The affiliates of the ashram participate in various activities in the area of spiritual, rural, cultural health and tribal welfare, education social and disaster management, or rehabilitation and relief.

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The branch center in Morabadi located in Ranchi town of Jharkhand was founded in 1927 under the leadership of Swami Vishuddhanandaji Maharaj.

Srimat Swami Vishuddhanandaji Maharaj was then the eighth president of the Ramakrishna Order.

  • Open days: All days of the week, excluding Sunday; from 8 am to 12 noon and 5:00 pm to 7 pm.
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:8 km
  • Entry cost: NA

10. State Museum

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Ranchi MuseumState Museum (1)

The year was 1974 when the Ranchi Museum was established on the premises of the Tribal Research Institute at Morabadi.

The lack of space along with other amenities was an obstacle to the museum’s growth. Display of exhibits and exhibition of galleries in their ideal condition were the main causes.

The requirement for expression of the museum, as well as improvement of the facilities for display, resulted in the creation of the State Museum at the new structure in Hotwar.

The museum was established to preserve and display the archaeological heritage, culture, and history of Jharkhand.

On the 10th of September 2009, the State Museum in Hotwar was officially inaugurated with the help of His Excellency Vice-President of India Mohammad Hamid Ansari.

  • Days of operation: All days of the week, excluding Mondays; 10:00 am to 04:30 pm.
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:8 km
  • Entry cost: INR 10/Person for Indians and INR 50/Person for Foreigners (NC)

11. Dhurwa Dam

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Dhurwa Dam (1)

Dhurwa dam Ranchi can be a great place to enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones. Take advantage of the many attractions in this well-known tourist attraction.

With lots to stimulate your eyes and provide relaxation at its finest take a moment to get drenched in the excitement of adventure that you have to experience at dhurwa dam in Ranchi.

Explore every aspect of the most popular interest and experience a few unforgettable moments. Dhurwa Dam, Ranchi isn’t just a location to see the sights however, it also allows you to take leisurely time for yourself too.

You can also visit the area at weekends for a refreshing time. International standards, exceptional architecture as well as innovative layouts, and thoughtfully executed execution make this place an extremely sought-after point of interest for tourists.

  • Opening hours: Open all days of the week.
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:15 km
  • Entry cost: NA

12. Tagore Hill

  • Best Places to Visit in Ranchi Tourist Places in Ranchi Tagore Hill (1)

Tagore Hill is situated at an elevation of 200 feet. It is an area that is secluded and where you can find time to relax in peace and tranquillity.

It was named after the famous poet Nobel winner Rabindra Nath Tagore. It is believed that he would come here to write and was able to find the tranquillity at the summit of the hill to be a great source of inspiration for his creative abilities.

A center of Divayan and the Agrarian Vocational Institute as well as a Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is situated on the crest of Tagore Hill. Concluding our topic for Places To Visit In Ranchi.

  • Opening hours: Open all days of the week from 10 am to 6:00 pm
  • Distance to Ranchi Junction:8 km
  • Entry cost: NA

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