11 Best Places to Visit in Jharkhand | Best Tourist Places in Jharkhand

Are you searching for Places To Visit In Jharkhand then you are at the right place. Jharkhand is known as the ‘Land of Forests it is the ideal destination for those who love nature and wildlife admirers.

With breathtaking beauty features like mountains, stunning hills, and lush green forests as well as waterfalls. This natural rich state is an ideal vacation spot.

The lush natural beauty of Jharkhand together with a variety of appealing destinations, such as temples of holy relics, museums, and wildlife sanctuaries, makes it the perfect destination in search of an experience in the natural beauty of Jharkhand.

The East Indian state has been created from the southern portion of Bihar and has created a diverse society in the state, that has a major tribesman population.

There are many renowned tourist spots throughout Jharkhand that can aid in understanding the culture, history, and art as well as its lifestyle.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Jharkhand

1. Ranchi

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Ranchi is among the most sought tourist destinations located in Jharkhand. It is referred to by the name “The city of waterfalls” and is among the most picturesque tourist spots in Jharkhand.

Ranchi is also the capital city of the state of Jharkhand. It is situated at 700m above sea level. Ranchi is often called the capital city of summer in Bihar due to its elevation of 700m.

It is set in lush greenery, beautiful rivers, and Subarnarekha. The magnificent mountains of Ranchi are stunning.

The most well-known tourist attractions in the town comprise Ranchi Hill, Jagannath Temple, Kanke Dam, Tagore hill, Hundru waterfalls, Hatia Museum, Bhagwan Birsa Biopark, Tribal Research Institute, and the Museum. Ranchi is regarded as one of the most secure cities within the state of Jharkhand.

The city is a fantastic public space where people can freely roam without worries. Find out more about Places To Visit In Jharkhand.

The Best Time To Visit Ranchi: September to May

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2. Ghatshila

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Ghatshila is also one of the top locations in Jharkhand. If you’re searching for incredible destinations to visit in India, Ghatshila is absolutely beautiful and stunning and is surrounded by many lakes and rivers.

The people of Ghatshila are happy and can count on everyone to enjoy every holiday with everyone.

Regardless of caste, religion provides the identical meaning to every festival and religious belief whether it’s Diwali and Eid, Dussehra, or Gurupurab and that is the reason Ghatshila is known as the city of celebrations.

From Jamshedpur and situated along the banks of the Subarnarekha River, think you must visit at the very least once. You will not regret it.

The Best time to visit Ghatshila: The months of October and April are the best times to visit this gorgeous and stunning location.

3. Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur is well-known as Steel City. It is the biggest city in Jharkhand. It is the largest city in the Indian State of Jharkhand.

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It was established in 1919 by Jamshedji Tata The city was named in his honor. It is among the cities that have been planned well and boasts an impressive infrastructure. It’s a fantastic destination to explore in Jharkhand.

This area is flanked by stunning hills and lush greenery which create breathtaking natural beauty. There are numerous famous tourist destinations to see such as Jubilee Park, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Hudco Lake, Dimna Lake, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary along with Bhatia Park.

Certain of these spots are created by humans, while some are natural.

The Best Time To Visit Jamshedpur: October to February

4. Dhanbad

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Dhanbad is among the most popular tourist destinations within Jharkhand. It is renowned for its mines of coal as well as industrial facilities and is often described as “The Coal Capital of India”.

It is bordered by 27.5 million tonnes of mines. The high rate of employment is among the primary reasons for the city’s growth.

It is also regarded as being one of the most sought-after engineering schools, known as The Indian Institute of Technology.

There are plenty of temples situated in the area. The city, of Dhanbad, is home to a variety of diverse tourist attractions that include Maithon Dam, Birsa Munda Park, Dhanbad Coal Mines, Shakti Mandir, and Bhatinda Falls.

Dhanbad is an amazing location. It blends both natural beauty and human-made structures. The diverse topography of Dhanbad is one of the major reasons why this city is extremely well-known in Jharkhand.

The Best Time to Visit Dhanbad: November to February

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5. Hazaribagh

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Hazaribagh is among the most amazing places to go in Jharkhand. It is also known as the city of a thousand gardens.

It is located on the Chhota Nagpur plateau, which is located 93 kilometers distant from Ranchi. It is a magnificent location that is surrounded by lush, green forests, rocks, and lakes.

Hazaribag is often referred to as a health resort. Hazaribagh is situated on the top of around 200 feet.

Panch Mandir is well known as the temple that houses five Shikras. It is among the most popular attractions in Hazaribagh.

There are many locations to explore in Hazaribag that including Hazaribag Lake, Rajrappa, Canary Hills, Hazaribag Wildlife Sanctuary along with Konar Dam.

Hazaribagh is also well-known for its warm weather throughout the year as well as its natural beauty.

Hazaribagh is a great getaway for anyone who resides in Jharkhand. The lush green city is the perfect destination when you’re looking for an opportunity to enjoy the natural environment and would like to get away from the hectic schedules of life.

The Best Time To Visit Hazaribag: December to February

6. Bokaro

Bokaro is famous for its steel factory which is the largest steel plant in Asia and also for its excellent education system.

It is located on the banks of the river Damodar and is situated on the magnificent Chotta Nagpur plateau.

The stunning view of Bokaro is simply stunning. The majestic hills surround Bokaro’s entire city. Bokaro is a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe.

Apart from the importance of the economy in the area, there are many famous tourist spots in the area, such as Bokaro Steel Plant, Garga Dam, Jagannath Temple, City Park, and Ayyappa Mandir.

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It’s an incredible spot to spend a weekend with family or friends.

Particularly if you are looking to explore the eastern region of India, Bokaro should be thought of as a possibility since it is among the most popular tourist spots located in Jharkhand.

The Best Time to Visit Bokaro: October to March

7. Deoghar

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Deoghar is known as the capital city of the culture of Jharkhand. It is situated on the Chota Nagpur Plateau and is famous for its healthful climate and fresh water.

It is also the place that gave the name Deva-Ghar which means God’s house.

It is a place of worship of the 51st Sati Peeth who is also known by the name of Shakti Pitha, it is believed that Sati’s heart has fallen in this place.

Deoghar is also often referred to as Baidyanath Dham.

It is a holy Hindu pilgrimage site and among the top sought-after places of pilgrimage in The Twelve Jyotirlingas temples.

Deoghar is a magnet for crowds of devotees in this Shravan month in the Hindu Lunar Calendar when millions of devotees offer holy water to take part in the holy rite of shiva.

Tourist attractions to see within Deoghar include Baidyanath Dham, Nandan Phar, Tapovan Caves and Hills, Naulakha Mandir, and Satsang Ashram.

It is a popular religious site as well as a spectacular tourist attraction within Jharkhand.

The Best Time To Visit Deoghar: October to March

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8. Giridih

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Giridih is known as the hilly land. It is the eighth largest city that is located in Jharkhand. It is also known as a charming town because it is set in a stunning landscape of hills and hillocks.

The picturesque beautiful town makes it the most beautiful place on earth. It is home to the famed and prestigious Indian Statistical Institute along with being one of the six Data Processing Centres.

It is rich in coal and numerous large and small coal mines can be found in the area. The most famous tourist attractions to see in Giridih include Usri Falls, Stevenson Memorial Church, Parasnath Hills, Rani Sati Mandir, and the Jain Museum.

The city is popular with tourists because of its magnificent and stunning atmosphere, as well as the significance and popularity of Jainism, and is adored by everyone.

Giridih has to be the most intriguing area and is among the most beautiful places to visit in Jharkhand. Read and know more about Places To Visit In Jharkhand.

The Best Time To Visit Giridih: July and August

9. Netarhat

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Netarhat is known as the “Queen of Chota Nagpur”. It is situated on the Chota Nagpur Plateau at an elevation of 1,128 meters.

It is bordered by lush green forests and stunning barren rocks. The well-groomed gardens, the concise orchards, churches, and colonial architecture accentuated the splendor of the city.

The city’s beauty can be traced to British Rule. It is among the popular tourist destinations within Jharkhand.

Netarhat area is an absolute blessing for those who wander the region and has been only lightly explored.

However, it is a place with many stunning sights to explore, such as Upper Ghagri waterfalls, Lower Ghagri Falls, Magnolia Point, Lodhi Falls, and Koel View Point along with Sandi Falls.

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The other major attractions of the town are the breathtaking panorama of sunset and sunrise from Magnolia Point.

It is truly beautiful and is one of the most popular tourist destinations located on the Netarhat Plateau. It is among the top stunning weekends away from the shackles of boredom.

The Best Time To Visit Netarhat: February to April

10. Palamu

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Palamu is known for its abundant diversity, thick wood cover, and thick leaves. This is an area surrounded by gorgeous forests and stunning landscapes.

Over the last few years, Palamu has emerged as a popular travel destination due to the stunning natural beauty of the landscapes. The climate in the area is humid in summer as well as cold and chilly in winter.

The township of Palamu does not only have stunning mountain ranges, but it also boasts many stunning tourist attractions as well as stunning landscapes.

The most well-known tourist spot comprises Betla National Park, Palamu Tiger Reserve, Lodh Waterfalls, and the fortifications that have been destroyed in Palamu.

The backwoods impervious cover of Palamu has been home to 44 tigers as well as other chitals that resemble animal-like creatures’ gaur Chinkara regular langur, wild mutts, elephants’ rabbits, and wild hogs.

Recently, spotted avians here include peafowls, partridges, and red wildfowl. Palamu parks are full of nature, and a perfect spot for people who wish to reconnect with their primal selves.

It’s definitely the most popular tourist destination located in Jharkhand.

The Best Time to Visit Palamu: July to October

11. Sahibganj

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Sahibganj is renowned as a famous holiday destination in Jharkhand. It is home to traditional villages and the native vegetation will keep your spirit high in the air.

The handicrafts that are discovered are a rich tapestry made with the precision of an expert surgeon. There are numerous forts and monuments in this area that are able to shape the historical background of India. It is the mainstay of craft, art, and culture.

The place is full of spectacular sights to explore, such as Moti Jharna, Shivgadi Temple, Palamau Tiger Reserve, Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary, and Teliagarhi Fort.

The area allows you to discover the fascinating tradition of the tribal culture of India. It’s a fantastic location for wildlife enthusiasts and spiritual seekers as well as people who love history.

It is among the most visited tourist destinations in Jharkhand.

The Best time to visit Sahibganj: February to March


Jharkhand and its lush green forests, a stunning waterfall, stunning mountains, and wildlife, as well as each and every tourist attraction, is definitely a destination that will give you your time in the most enjoyable way.

These most popular places to visit in Jharkhand give you the perfect combination of waterfalls, nature, and wildlife.

Here you can stroll through the lush greenery and enjoy the stunning landscape surrounding you. So, this concludes our topic for Places To Visit In Jharkhand.

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