10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur | Tourist Places in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is among the first planned cities in India and the third biggest urban area in the eastern region of India following Kolkata.

Jamshedpur is bordered by stunning Dalma Hills and is one of the cities that are growing fastest around the globe with an average annual growth rate of 2.59. So, let’s check and explore some of the Best Places To Visit In Jamshedpur.

Tourist attractions in Jamshedpur Steel City also include Golpahari Temple, Keenan Stadium, Jayanti Sarovar, JRD TATA Sports Complex, Beldih Golf Course, and Jamshedpur Gliding Club.

Jamshedpur often referred to as an industrial town, has recently attracted the interest of travelers.

The city’s proximity to forests and hills makes it a picturesque location and it is easy to observe the number of visitors increasing year on year.

Jamshedpur is currently frequented by tourists from all over the world.

Every category of tourist, including youngsters, adults, and seniors is equally welcome here since it is filled with gifts for each category of adventurer.

The city is located on Chota Nagpur Plateau and located in the stunning Dalma Hills, Jamshedpur is believed to be the first planned city in India and was named in honor of Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the city.

Jamshedpur is separated by two lovely rivers, which are Kharkai, and Subarnarekha. It is therefore an extremely popular tourist destination in Jharkhand.

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Best Places To Visit In Jamshedpur

1. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (1)

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is another popular attraction in Jamshedpur. It was founded in 1975. It was located at an elevation of 3000 feet, and it covers an area of 193 square kilometers.

There are a variety of species of Fauna present in the area, including tigers, elephants, leopards, deer that bark, etc.

It is possible to visit from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. The required time to visit the site is around 3-4 hours. The entrance fee for visitors costs INR 5, and for groups of students, it is INR 40.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many kinds of animals that inhabit the jungle including elephants, leopards, deer, tigers, porcupines, and even sloth beer.

The sanctuary is home to a large number of elephants because there is plenty of water to drink even in summer.

There is a guesthouse that is owned by Tata Steel and Forest Department located on the top of the hill.

A Shiva temple is located at the top of the hill, which is frequented by a huge amount of Shiva devotees throughout Shravan month as well as Shivratri.

Also, the trees present in abundance include Jamun, Terminalia, etc. Find out more about Places To Visit In Jamshedpur.

2. Jubilee Park

  • Jubilee Park 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (1)

If you’re looking to experience the beauty of this park, make sure to visit on March 3 which is known as the day of the Founders.

The park was given to the residents of Jamshedpur in the name of Tata Steel when the city celebrated 50 years since its establishment.

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The reason it has a distinct name is the stunning light show on the 3rd of March, which makes it appear more beautiful.

It covers the entire area and features stunning flower beds in the gardens. The fountains are vibrant and colorful.

Foliage Park, Nicco Park, and the recreational center are located in the park. The kids can take thrilling rides.

But, it’s the anniversary of the birth of the Shri Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the city, that the park is decorated with sparkling lights as well as other stunning objects. The park is beautiful on the day.

Jubilee Park is another popular tourist attraction in Jamshedpur. It is among the largest national parks in India.

It covers 237.75 acres. It was constructed in 1956 and is with lush green landscaping, an amusement park, a skating arena, and horticulture gardens.

It is open from 7 AM and 7 PM. Its Zoological Park is open from 9 am until 5 pm.

There is the fountain show begins at the 1st show at 6:30 pm 2nd show starts at 7:15 pm, the 3rd show- at 8:30 PM, and the 4th show at 9:30 pm. INR 35 is charged for the Fountain Laser along with Music Show.

3. Ghatshila

  • Ghatshila 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (1)

Ghatshila about 40 kilometers far from Jamshedpur is a charming tiny town that is surrounded by forests and hills.

It’s a major destination for visitors looking to explore the hilly terrain and forests. The perfect destination for those who love nature, it is definitely a must-see destination.

Anyone who is a nature lover visiting Jamshedpur must go to this location to experience a unique experience and unforgettable memories.

It is situated on the banks of the Subarnarekha River, the two-mountain range creates a protective shield for the gorgeous city of Ghatshila.

The cost for a hired vehicle is the sum of Rs. 800-1,000 to transport tourists around the tourist spots.

In Ghatshila it is possible to bathe in the river and stroll through the hills. Phuldongri Hill, Dharagiri Falls, Naroa Forest, Mosaboni Mines & Surda Pahar are among the most sought-after spots in Ghatshila.

4. Tata Steel Zoological Park

  • Tata Steel Zoological Park 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (1)

Tata Zoo was opened for visitors on the 3rd of March 1994, the day of the founding of Tata Steel. It covers 37 hectares; the park is home to well-groomed gardens and wooded areas.

Tata Steel Zoological Park was founded in Jamshedpur in order to provide the enjoyment of research, education, and conservation.

It also offers a place for the breeding of animals, birds reptiles, aquatic animals, as well as other animals.

It creates a natural habitat for all species, where they can experience conditions that mimic natural environments. Check more about Places To Visit In Jamshedpur.

5. Sir Dorabji Tata Park

  • Sir Dorabji Tata Park 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com

Situated near the famed Keenan Stadium, this park attracts many visitors with its lush green surroundings. The evenings are stunning with cool breezes flowing through this park.

There is a scent of freshness and airiness in the area around this park due to the beautiful color of blooms and fountains that can be observed under vibrant lighting.

This park was established for the public in honor of Sir Dorabji. The park is famous for its annual show of flowers that takes place every year in December.

The atmosphere surrounding the park is serene and cool. The USP of the park is its artificial fountains that shine in a variety of hues. Let’s find and check more about Places To Visit In Jamshedpur.

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6. Russi Modi Centre of Excellence

  • Russi Modi Centre of Excellence 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com

Russi Modi Centre of Excellence It is located close to Jubilee Park. The facility is inspiring and committed to the Tata group’s pursuit of excellence.

The center provides services to various companies to develop ideas and attain excellence in their fields of expertise.

This is the best place to learn about the past of Jamshedpur and the genesis of Tata Steel. The museum also houses an impressive collection of art.

While the building was designed to provide the homes of various office buildings and other organizations, visitors frequent the building in order to praise its amazing design.

The architect who designed this magnificent construction is called Hafeez Contractor and it’s one of the top places to go to in Jamshedpur.

7. JRD TATA Sports Complex

  • JRD TATA Sports Complex 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (3)

JRD Tata sports complex is the largest sports facility in Jamshedpur and is one of the largest sports complexes in India.

The stadium was constructed in the year 1991 by the Tata group. The stadium is capable of hosting over 24000 people and is extremely popular in India.

When you visit Jamshedpur, it is essential to visit the sports complex because the size of the stadium will surprise you.

The stadium is managed flawlessly and provides all facilities you’d think of in a stadium.

The stadium is used primarily for athletics or football games but it can also be used for indoor games like boxing, yoga shooting, chess, or shooting.

It’s a perfect spot to enjoy an ISL game with family and friends. It is among the most popular places to go to in Jamshedpur.

8. Amadubi Rural Tourism Centre

  • Amadubi Rural Tourism Centre 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (1)

It’s an art-based village situated in Amadubi in Dalbhumgarh It is located in an area of around 65 kilometers from Jamshedpur.

It was inaugurated in the context of World Tourism Day on Sept 27 in 2013.

Created in collaboration with The Jharkhand Tourism department, Village Tourism Development Committee (VTDC) along with NGO Kalamandi – The Celluloid Chapter Art Foundation, it creates jobs for rural residents.

With numerous attractions that are a part of it, Jamshedpur undoubtedly is a tourist’s delight. Every age group has something to look forward to.

There’s culture, art, and heritage, as well as the past, natural lakes, and waterfalls, and therefore, it’s a place that must be visited at least once in your lifetime.

9. Dimna Lake

  • Dimna Lake 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (2)

Dimna Lake is a man-made lake that is located in Jamshedpur. It is situated within a distance of approximately 13 kilometers from the main city.

It is located near the foothills of the Dalma Mountain ranges it serves as a reservoir for water for the steel plant as well as the primary source of drinking water.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to get to Dimna Lake from the main city. It is accessible via taxi or bus.

The lake is situated within the Mirzadih Panchayat of Patamda Block. Dimna lake was built by Tata Steel. It is possible to enjoy rowing, boating, jet skiing, and more on this lake.

The lake which is famous for its clear, crystal-clear water and its avian wildlife is the ideal spot for runners and the clean environment is an added benefit.

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The lake is home to several Islands that in winter change into homes for migratory birds. The sunset and sunrise are the ideal times to visit the area. Read and know more about Places To Visit In Jamshedpur.

10. Bhuvaneshwari Temple

  • Bhuvaneshwari Temple 10 Best Places To Visit in Jamshedpur Tourist Places in Jamshedpur MomentumJharkhand.com (1)

There are many temples as well as mosques, gurudwaras, along with churches within Jamshedpur.

Bhuvaneshwari Temple may also be referred to in the form of Telco Bhuvaneshwari Temple as it is situated at the highest point of Telco hill.

The Bhuvaneshwari Temple is located at an altitude of approximately 500 feet up Telco hill.

It offers a stunning city view, including that of the TELCO Factory from inside the temple’s complex.

There is a river close to the temple. Another temple that is famously located in Jamshedpur can be found at The Sree Krishna Temple.

This Sree Krishna Temple was founded in 1987 by Keraleeya Adhyatmika Sangitiya. The primary deity of the temple is Lord Mahavishnu as a representation of Shree Krishna.  It is situated inside the Bhuvanagiri Temple Complex.

Other than these there is also a Hanuman Mandir, Jayda temple, Maha Ganapathy temple, Ayyappa temple, and Navagraha temple within the complex.

Gol Pahari Mandir, another significant temple located in Jamshedpur is located in the city’s center.

The temple is situated on the highest point of a stunning hill it is known by the name of Pahari Mandir.

The principal deity worshipped at Gol Pahari Mandir Pahari Maa. The temple is extremely tranquil so many devotees come to the temple looking for peace.

Kali Temple in Jamshedpur is considered to be among the holiest temples in Jamshedpur.

The people who visit this temple pay respects and tribute to the goddess Kali on each auspicious day. Kali puja at the temple has been held for the last 27 years.


Q.1. What is the most famous dish in Jamshedpur?

Ans. Introduced by immigrants who came from south India, dosa has since been a symbol of Jamshedpur.

This dish comes with spicy, thin sambhar Dal chutney, and can be filled with potato and upma. Other delicious dishes from Jamshedpur include Sambar-vada Idly and Litti choka.

Q.2. What is the reason Jamshedpur is known as Mini Mumbai?

Ans. The minister thanked newsmen in an event at the Circuit House, the union minister described Jamshedpur as a “mini-Mumbai” because of its vibrant lifestyle, thriving industry, and growing industries.

Q.3. What are the most popular things for you in Jamshedpur to shop for?

Ans. There is a Bistupur market that is famously known for its Saree and Jewellery shops.

It also houses the most important commercial structures of Jamshedpur such as the Voltas Building as well as the Kamani Centre.

At the Bistupur market, there is an extensive range of electronic goods such as fashion accessories, books as well as other items. So, this concludes our topic for Places To Visit In Jamshedpur.

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