11 Best Places to Visit in Deoghar – Best Tourist Places in Deoghar

Deoghar can be described as an unassuming holy city located in the eastern region of the Indian state of Jharkhand.

It is where the old Baba Baidyanath shrine complex is a significant Hindu pilgrimage spot. So, let’s find out some of the Best Places To Visit In Deoghar.

During this month called Sawan, a 100+ kilometer line of human monoliths dressed in red can be observed here.

Sawan is the ideal time to go to Deoghar to worship. The most expansive and tallest at 72 feet is known as the Baidyanath Temple which is a representation of Lord Shiva and one among the twelve Jyotirlingas throughout the world.

Deoghar is believed as the most sacred location in Jharkhand. It is the center of piety and penance for Hindus because the belief is that it’s solely the Kamna Linga, which is a Lingam, who can fulfill every dream.

The Baidyanath abode Jyotirlinga has been a long-standing sacred site of significance and world-renowned in India.

It is among the 12 Jyotirlingas that are found in India. Baidyanath Jyotirlinga can be described as older than Ramayana and is connected to the story of Ravana in the strictest form.

Its name suggests, that Baidyanath Dham Deoghar is the sacred site where Shree Vishnu first introduced Shiva within the temple. This is why the god who dwells in this temple is worshipped as Baidyanath Jyotirlinga.

This holy site is well-known in Deoghar because of its historical heritage, and people visit from all parts of India all throughout the entire year. There are many tantras who appreciate the place. It is also among fifty Peethas.

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A Few of the Places to Visit in Deoghar

1. Basukinath Temple

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Basukinath is situated in the Dumka district in Jharkhand. Basukinath is a hugely well-known place of worship for Hindus.

The most well-known tourist attraction of Basukinath is without a doubt its Basukinath shrine and each year thousands of devotees from different regions of the world visit the shrine to honor Lord Shiva as the god of the temple.

The huge crowd that gathers in the temple grows this month, Shravan and not just tourists from the country but also foreign tourists visit.

It is thought it is believed that Basukinath Temple is the court of Baba Bhole Nath. Temples dedicated to Shiva as well as Parvati are located in Basukinath.

The gates of both temples open at night, as it’s believed by some to be the case that God Shiva, as well as Mother Parvati, meet each other during the same moment.

Therefore, devotees are requested to stay away from the gate in front of the temple. There are other small temples that honor different gods are also within the temple complex. 

It is believed that the Basukinath Temple is undoubtedly the most well-known temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated throughout Bihar and Jharkhand.

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The peace and tranquillity of the place attract people to take the time to visit it and sit in contemplation. So, Find and explore more about Places To Visit In Deoghar.

2. Nandan Pahar

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Nandan Pahar is an amusement park that is situated at the top of a hill within the Deoghar district of Jharkhand state in India.

It is well-known for its picnic spots that offer a variety of activities for all ages. Anyone can enjoy any of the rides, take a boat ride in the area, or perform his prayers at the Nandi temple.

The park is frequented by guests from nearby regions of every age group since there is plenty to offer for all ages.

Sunrise is the best cure for eyes when the sun rises and spreads its rays to the earth, illuminating every part of Nandan Pahar. Sunsets can be awe-inspiring as the sun fades slowly and the sky’s stars disappear.

Nandan Mountain has a garden and an acquisition and is used as an amusement park featuring a myriad of rides to enjoy amid the lush green gardens.

The theme house can also be visited by visitors to the park. It is the place where your childhood fantasies can be recreated and it is here that you’ll feel like a child again.

Nandi Temple, located at the top of Nandan mountain, is extremely popular in the region.

If you plan to visit Deoghar during the year you must go to Nandan Pahar. Nandan Pahar is famous in Deoghar to visit to enjoy the Picnic.

3. Shri Shri Thakur Anukul Chandra Ashram

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Satsang Ashram, founded by Anugur Chandra is a sacred spot within Deoghar for those who are followers of Thakur Anukulchandra in the southwest part of Deoghar.

Thakur Anukulchandra’s birthday was September 14, 1888. He arrived as a god, to save the world. He was born in a tiny village known as Himitpur in the Pabna district, which is located in Eastern Bengal (erstwhile unincorporated India) and is now located in Bangladesh.

His parents were Shri. Shibchandra Chakraborty and Manmohini Devi. Her birthplace was Anukulchandra She was very motherly-focused from the beginning of her life.

Her mother served as his teacher throughout his entire life. He loved all people. Anukulchandra set up an ashram in Pabna (later called Satsang).

An ashram was founded by him in 1946 to encourage spiritual growth within Deoghar, India. The Satsang Ashram in Deoghar has been a renowned and popular place to visit within Deoghar to all types of society members. Know more about Places To Visit In Deoghar. 

4. Rama Krishna Mission Vidyapith

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Ramakrishna Vidyapeeth, Deoghar, established in 1922, is a high school for boys located in Deoghar, Jharkhand, India. It is the oldest school that is part of the Ramakrishna Mission and used to visit the followers of Swami Vivekananda’s son.

It is only for boys and is associated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Admission to its second section is restricted up to Standard VI only.

Some students from other schools are admitted to class XI if they have seats left following the admission of their students that perform very well in the exam for class X.

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The school offers instruction in the field of science only in its section for senior secondary students.

Boys are selected by aptitude based on oral, written, or other tests. Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapeeth, Deoghar was ranked 4th on the CBSE exams for the 2015 general examinations of the 4th class in all CBSE schools in 2015.

It was ranked the top CBSE school in India in 2020, based on the average marks for class X.

5. Rikhiapeeth Ashram

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This tiny and isolated village is a precious treasure to Hindu pilgrims. It is situated 12 kilometers away from Baba Baidyanath Dham in Deoghar.

It is among the oldest yoga ashrams in the nation. It was established through Swami Satyananda Saraswati who was a devotee of the Swami Sivananda Saraswati, the ashram has hosted many saints of the enlightened.

It is also known as Tapabhumi and is a site of intense religious practices and the sacrifice of the Swami Satyananda.

The reason for the entire area in peace and tranquillity is due in part to the saints’ presence as well as their spiritual practices.

The term Peetha is the term used to describe the process of higher education, making reference to the diffusion of ancient spiritual knowledge found in the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas that were spread by the Vedic Sages of the dynasty in the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas.

Give modern knowledge to all regardless of creed, caste religion, nationality, and gender.

The Ashram is an ideal place to visit to be enjoyed Sita Vivah and also a major festival that is held every year between the months of November through December. It is also a great location to visit in Deoghar.

6. Baidyanath Temple

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Based on Hindu stories, Ravana went to Mount Kailash and offered prayers to Lord Shiva who then gave him a jyotirlinga, which he took to his home and the assurance that he wouldn’t keep the Shivling elsewhere.

In the event of this, it is believed that the Shivling will remain in the same spot for all time. The gods, discontent with being able to install a godly lingam in the kingdom of an enemy that would render the enemy powerless and played tricks on Ravana.

He was unable to transfer the lingam to the Brahmin who placed it in Deoghar. Ravana tried to remove it however, even after cutting off the tips, he could not succeed.

Remorseful the man used to go to the temple each day and pray to Shiva Shivling with offerings of Ganga water. The temple’s history dates back to 1596.

The temple has almost all worshippers’ temples along with the temple itself. It is constructed on a single stone.

During the month of Sawan residents from around the world are invited to give Ganga waters to the god Shiva Linga.

For centuries, devotees make an intense 100-kilometer journey on foot starting beginning at Ajgaibinath (Sultanganj) located in the Bhagalpur district during the months of Shravan (June-July) to give Holy water from the Ganges to the Shivling at Deoghar.

It is important to inform people that during this time, there is a large number of people in Deoghar since there are more than fifty lakh devotees visiting each year.

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This is why it isn’t recommended for those who are not experienced travelers to go to Deoghar during this time.

7. Trikuta Mountain

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Trikoot Parvat is at 10Km Distance from Deoghar. It is also called Trikutachal. Trikuta mountain is located along the route to Basukinath temple.

There are numerous caves and waterfalls that are located on this mountain. The well-known Trikutachal Mahadev temple is located on the mountain.

It also has an ashram belonging to Rishi Dayanand in this area. Mayurakshi is the name of the river that originates from this hill. Trikuta Pahar is one of the most thrilling tourist spots in Deoghar.

8. Harila Jori

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Harila Jori is situated 8 kilometers from Deoghar. Harila Jori is situated in the northern portion of Deoghar.

In the past, this region was awash with Haritaki (Myrobalan) plants. This was the spot where Ravana put the Shiva Linga of Bhagwan Vishnu as a shepherd. He was there for a brief period. The two Shiva and Vishnu came to this place.

Thus, the name Harila-Jori. Harila-Jori is the name given to the Shiva temple was constructed by Achintan Das.

It also has a pond on the site that is known in the form of Shool Harini Tank. It is a well-known tourist attraction. Read and know more about Places To Visit In Deoghar.

9. Pagla Baba Ashram (Srinivas Aangan)

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Pagla Baba Ashram is located at a distance of eight kilometers away from Deoghar Tower Chowk. It was established in the name of Pagla Baba The Late Leelanand Thakur.

They were originally from Bangladesh. The Radha-Krishna’s idols are displayed in the temple. They weigh about 6 quintals and consist of eight metals. A large celebration is held at this spot during the month of Janmashtami.

10. Devasanga Monastery

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Devsanga Math is located 3km far from Deoghar and 2 kilometers away from Deoghar Railway Station. Devsanga Math in Deoghar was founded in the year 1896 by Narendra Nath Brahmachari.

Its Nava Durga temple in Devasanga Math has an idol of Devi Durga in Bengali style. The temple also has images depicting Krishna, Annapurna, and Maheshwar.

The temple is located next to an idol of the founding father Narendra Nath Brahmachari has also been set up. Durga Puja Festival is celebrated as a significant celebration in Deoghar.

11. Hathi Parvat

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Hathi Parvat or Mahadevtri are located at a distance of 3 km from Deoghar. A small hill, known as Hatti Pahar (or Mahadevtri) is located east of Deoghar.

From afar, this hill appears like an elephant. It is therefore called Hathi Pahar. A small stream of water flows continuously.

The river’s water is a popular source of drinking water. Drinking the river’s water is believed to cure stomach-related diseases. So, this concludes our topic for Places To Visit In Deoghar.

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