The Government of Jharkhand, recognizing the impressive growth of the IT (Information technology) sector in the country, has resolved to make Jharkhand an IT powerhouse and a front-runner in the Information revolution. The State Government considers IT/ ITeS as an agent of transformation of every facet of human life, which will bring about knowledge based society. IT/ ITeS policy of the State will provide guidance to all agencies involved in the goal of overall development of the State using Information Technology as the enabler. Agencies in the State who are likely to use the IT/ ITeS policy are citizens, various ministries, legislative, IT entrepreneurs, businessmen and professional associations and other stakeholders. Information Technology has got its applications in almost all walks of life from business to governance and education to agriculture. It is also a big foreign exchange earner for the country.

Along with IT/ ITeS Policy the State Government has come up with ESDM, BPO/BPM and Start-up policy 2016 for specific emphasis on these sectors .These measures have been forming a part of the Jharkhand strategy which includes certain fiscal and non-fiscal benefits covering all the IT industry. The Information Technology and e-Governance Department of the Government of Jharkhand has embarked on a program of capitalizing on the growth of Indian IT and ITeS industry and making Jharkhand as the ideal destination for IT, ITeS and ESDM sector in the country.

This has resulted in the development of indigenous capabilities across the IT value chain in Jharkhand. The different segments within the IT industry are at varying stages of development. The focus is currently on providing the necessary impetus to take advantage of the dormant capabilities across the various electronics markets and developing the missing links so as to make the local IT & ESDM sector globally competitive

Growth Drivers:

  • Huge domestic demand and rising disposable income. Also there is a huge consumption of electronics products in the Middle East and in emerging markets such as North Africa and Latin America.
  • Rising manufacturing costs in other major manufacturing economies.
  • 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is allowed under the automatic route in the ESDM sector and is subject to all applicable regulations and laws.
  • Emerging geographies and verticals, non-linear growth due to platforms, products and automation.
  • Revival in demand for IT services from US and Europe.
  • Increasing adoption of technology and telecom by consumers and focused government initiatives – leading to increased Information and communication technology adoption.
  • Favourable State Government policies
  • One of the largest Start up ecosystem in India
  • The government’s Digital India Campaign envisages a USD 20 billion investment covering mobile connectivity throughout the country, re-engineering of government process via technology and enabling e-delivery of citizen.