Momentum Jharkhand Investors Summit 2017

Momentum Jharkhand

Global Investors Summit 2017.

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Investors’ Summit


February 2017

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About the Summit

We are working in Jharkhand for the last ten years has been very productive and very satisfactory and many industries across manufacturing, healthcare and other service industries to should look forward to explore opportunities in Jharkhand. - MR. Srinivas Koppulu, MD & CEO Tata Business Support Services

We had some of the most accelerating experience of Interacting with Hon’ble CM and his team of bureaucrats, who are so committed to deliver on his vision. - Sudhir Dhingra CMD Orient Craft Ltd.

We find Jharkhand has created several enablers for the investors to make investments and grow the businesses. For any industry to be competitive, it has to have very effective factors of productions either in land, labour or mineral resources or Ease of Doing Business our experience in Jharkhand is very encouraging in all area. - Mr. Seshagiri Rao JMD & Group CFO

One of the best thing we likes in Jharkhand is all the licenses you are going to have one window to clear, If you get all the licenses through one window and this what we are looking forward. - Mr. Shrikant Bhasi, Chairman Carnival Group

People are very very friendly, perfect industrial relationships and very very good quality workforce, overall it is been a very great experience. We are looking forward to expanding our services rest of the Jharkhand - Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman Narayan Health

In the last year and half the business environment has dramatically improved, Government is really working with the industry to solve our problems and make things happen. So really recommend, Jharkhand as a place to invest in and going forward. - Mr. Satish Pai, MD Hindalco Industries ltd.

“Jharkhand is a place to do business, to make investments, make investments in big way in the mineral industry. The Government is saying we are here to do business, we want investments, we need jobs, that our part of make in India agenda” - Mr. Tom Albanese, CEO Vedanta Resources

We had a great journey in the state of Jharkhand, and we are happy to be there and we continue to grow in the state of Jharkhand - Mr. T.V Narendran, Managing Director Tata Steel